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Best Extension Ladder

We review and compare the best extension ladders on the market today here at AllAboutLadders.  Find the best extension ladder is an important decision as you need to find a safe yet affordable ladder.  There are several main brands of extension ladders on the market including Louisville, Werner, Little Giant, Stanley, and Ohuhu to name a few.  When looking for the best extension ladder, there are several things to consider:

  • Wood, Aluminum, or Fiberglass
    • Wood extension ladders were a popular choice years ago.  Wood extension ladders are HEAVY, yet very safe.  They are also safer around electrical wires.
    • Aluminum extension ladders are a great affordable choice and come in different types and are rated by pound capacity.  Aluminum extension ladders are a great option but you do need to be careful around electrical wires with aluminum extension ladders.
    • Fiberglass extension ladders are the best choice available.  They are heavy duty, very safe, and stable.  They are also a much safer option around electrical lines.  Fiberglass extension ladders also come in different types and are rated by pound capacity.  The only downside is a fiberglass extension ladder can be fairly heavy.
  • Height of the Extension Ladder
    • Popular heights in extension ladders are 16, 20, 24, 32, and 40 foot lengths.  The higher the extension ladder the heavier it will be.  It is important to balance the need for stability with the weight of the ladder.  A fiberglass 16 or 24 foot extension ladder could be ideal but a 32 or 40 foot extension ladder can be very heavy.
  • Frequency of Use
    • Will this extension ladder be used infrequently to clean the gutters or repair odds and ends or will this be used daily painting houses?  The frequency of use will most likely determine whether you choose fiberglass or aluminum,  The best extension ladder will combine a balance between safety and maneuverability.

The chart below has 4 of the best extension ladders on the market.  We review the best choices of extension ladders available and detail the pros and cons of each selection.  Take a look at the reviews of extensions ladders below.

Updated: December 26, 2017 — 12:46 am
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