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Best Attic Ladder

The best attic ladder can make accessing your attic less of a hassle. The best attic ladder will provide you easy access into an area of your home that you may not use. Attic ladders can fit different ceiling heights, usually between 7′ 10″ and 10′. They come in different rough opening sizes ranging from 22 to 30 inches wide and 47 to 54 inches long. There are many options to choose from when selecting an attic ladder and most are very affordable. The best attic ladders come with an insulated door frame to reduce energy costs. Take a look at some of the best attic ladders on the market and our reviews of each below.


FAKRO 66803 Insulated Attic Ladder for 22-inch x 54 INCH Rough Openings

The FAKRO 66803 is an easy to installed insulated wooden dropdown attic ladder. It will fit ceiling heights between 7’10” and 10’1″. The wooden door frame is insulated with a R-Value of 5.9. The FAKRO 66803 attic ladder has a maximum weight of 300 lbs and has a 2 year warranty. This is an excellent choice for the best attic ladder for your home.

FAKRO LMS 66868 Insulated Steel Attic Ladder for 25 inch x 54 inch Rough Openings

The FAKRO LMS 66868 Insulated Steel Attic Ladder is a heavy duty version of the previous LAKRO 66803. This steel attic ladder will support up to 350 pounds so this attic ladder is suitable to handle more weight. The upgrade to steel will be useful if carrying heavy objects or boxes into the attic. The steel ladder upgrade is a little pricier but is definitely worth the added cost. The FAKRO LMS is one of if not the best attic ladder available.

Louisville Ladder AA229GS Elite Aluminum Attic Ladder 350 Pound Capacity

Lousiville Ladder is one of the best and most popular brands in the Ladder industry. The Louisville Ladder AA229GS elite aluminum attic ladder is by far the best attic ladder available today. It can handle up to 350 pounds and comes in 2 sizes; 22.5″ x 54″ and 25.5″ x 54″ rough openings. This Louisville Attic Ladder will work with ceiling heights from 7’9″ to 10″. The door is insulated to keep heat in the house and an EZ hang strap is included. This is the best attic ladder around and is very stable and secure with a built in hand rail.

FAKRO LST 66820 Insulated Steel Scissor Attic Ladder for 22″ x 47″ Rough Openings

The FAKRO LST 66820 is an excellent choice when an attic ladder needs to be installed in smaller openings by its unique folding system. This attic ladder will fit 22 inch x 47 inch rough openings. The s-shaped strings act as a handrail to assist in climbing while also providing a clean modern look. This is the best attic ladder for tight spaces and will support up to 300 pounds.

Werner Ladder AA1510 Ladder Aluminum Attic 250 Pound

The Werner AA1510 Aluminum attic ladder is a lightweight option for an attic ladder. It will fit it very small spaces but only supports up to 250 pounds. It is a great choice for hallways and closets where some of the FAKRO and Lousiville Ladder choices will not fit. This will fit ceiling heights from 7′ to 9’10”. This is the best attic ladder for the inconvenient hallway or closet attic opening.

Louisville Ladder AL228P Aluminum Attic Ladder with 350 pound Capacity

The Lousiville Ladder AL228P is the overall best attic ladder for ceiling heights from 10′ to 12′. It has a 350 pound capacity and is constructed with heavy duty springs and hinges to support the extra height. This attic ladder comes with slip resistant cross tread steps, adjustable shoes, and an insulated door. This is another great option by the Louisville Ladder company and is the best attic ladder for those extra high ceilings.

Duck Brand Attic Stairway Cover 25.5″ x 54″ – Black

The Duck brand attic stairway cover will help save energy costs by fully covering all attic openings. This attic cover is lightweight and flexible which makes it easy to install. It will fit attic openings from 25.5″ to 54″. Don’t install an attic ladder and forget to help keep in the heat with this Duck Brand attic stairway cover.

Versa Lift Attic Ladder Safety Railing Model # VR-60

The Versa Attic Ladder Safety Railing is an extra added safety feature to add to your attic. The Versa safety railing is easy to install and it makes entry into and out of the attic much safer. The safety railing comes with all of the hardware needed and is solid steel construction. This is a great choice to add extra safety in your attic as working around the entry point can be very dangerous.

Expert Recommendations

There are many brands and models of attic ladders available all with different features. We recommend the Lousiville Ladder AA229GS Elite as the best attic ladder overall. It is made from the trusted name in the Ladder industry and made from aluminum and supports up to 350 pounds. For smaller spaces, we recommend either the FAKRO LST 66820 or the Werner Ladder AA1510 depending on the exact location of the attic opening. If the attic opening needs to be changed or altered, be sure to use a power saw or the best cordless drill could save you time.  The Werner AA1510 will fit into really tight spaces but is very lightweight. The FAKRO LST 66820 will also fit into small spaces but is much stronger, has a better design, but is more expensive. They are both excellent options for attic ladders depending on your situation.  And for ceiling heights over 10′, the attic ladder we recommend is the Louisville Ladder AL228P which is the best in industry. We also recommend the Safety Railing to provide that extra line of protection when walking in the attic. We hope these reviews will help you in you search for the best attic ladder for your home.

Updated: February 19, 2018 — 10:05 pm
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